Gas fireplace service is an important part of your home maintenance schedule.  All gas fireplace manufacturers recommend annual service and inspection.  Tidewater Log Doc has been perfecting our service and inspection process for many years.  Our technicians are well trained and pay close attention to details.   From the time we enter your home, our uniformed technicians will remove their shoes and spread sheets to protect your floors.  We will leave your home in better condition than when we arrived.  Our service can be performed before, during, or after fireplace season and still be an effective way to keep you and your family safe and warm.  In fact, our pre and post season discounts will save you money and your service will be completed sooner than during the busy fireplace season.  


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On every service call we…

-Thoroughly vacuum the firebox, burner and log set-

-Clean key orifices and air shutters with high pressure compressed air-

-Test and demonstrate the Pilot Safety Shutoff-

-Check pilot flame size and air mixture-

-Check burner and piping inside the firebox for gas leaks-

-Wire brush all burners and thermocouples-

-Clean aldehyde from both sides of the glass if applicable-

-Check and test seals on the combustion chamber if applicable-

-Realign log set to allow for complete combustion if applicable-

-Test for and analyze any carbon monoxide-

-Check the damper for correct operation if applicable-

-Test and demonstrate the Pilot Safety Shutoff-

-Check and adjust dispersing material if applicable-

-Build a beautiful deep glowing ember bed if applicable-

-Smoke match test for proper draft if a problem suspected-

-Gas log 101 (all you wanted to know about gas logs and more)-